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A powerline network that is designed to run Ethernet over the existing electrical system and use AC wall outlets as connecting points. HomePlug provides a non-wireless alternative to stringing network cables to all the rooms in the house. It is very often used with an existing, wired Ethernet network to connect a computer in a distant room without going wireless. All computers and network devices (routers, switches) plug into HomePlug adapters, also known as "HomePlug bridges," that plug into the wall outlet.

HomePlug 1.0 and HomePlug AV
HomePlug 1.0 provides an effective data rate of 8.2 Mbps, while HomePlug AV (HPAV) offers quality of service (QoS) and 150 Mbps for video streaming. Both versions use OFDM modulation and the CSMA/CA access method used in wireless Ethernet (802.11).

HomePlug transmits low-energy signals in the 4.5MHz to 21MHz frequency range, way above the 60Hz and 50Hz of AC power. HomePlug AV uses 2MHz to 28MHz. For more information, visit the HomePlug Powerline Alliance at www.homeplug.com. See powerline network. See also HomePNA.

Extending the Network
This illustration shows powerline technology being used with an existing network to connect a user in a remote location of the building.
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Building on Qualcomm Atheros powerline leadership in HomePlug AV and HomePlug Green PHY, the QCA7500 has been validated by real-world testing and product deployments to set the bar for true whole home coverage at a lower cost for service providers.
Homeplug AV and IEEE 1901; a handbook for PLC designers and users.
Available at retailers worldwide, HomePlug AV Certified products establish a fast and reliable connection to the Internet and between devices on a home network, and can also be used to extend a Wi-Fi signal to areas in the home that lack adequate wireless connectivity.
Cisco has launched a new Linksys HomePlug AV Powerline solution, which can transform any electrical socket into an internet connection.
The reference design is based on the SPC300 "no-limits" HomePlug AV SoC, which received a CES 2010 Innovation Award (Las Vegas, USA, January 2010).
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Before a product can display the HomePlug Certified logo, it must pass rigorous interoperability testing with other certified products included in the HomePlug AV test matrix.
Singapore based provider of broadband and networking accessories, Aztech Technologies Pte Ltd, announced yesterday the Aztech HL110EW 2-port Ethernet HomePlug AV Wireless-N Extender, designed to offer home or small business users the ability to install an additional wireless hotspot at any location in their property that can be reached through the electric wiring.
The HomePlug powerline technology family includes HomePlug AV for broadband applications, HomePlug Green PHY (GP) for smart grid/smart energy applications, and the recent HomePlug AV2 for next-generation broadband speeds.
The Wireless G single solution for existing HomePlug AV networks is available at a retail price of GBP119.
The Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA([R])), HomePlug([R]) Powerline Alliance and HD-PLC Alliance today announced that DLNA has approved the HomePlug AV and HD-PLC powerline networking standards to be incorporated into the next version of its Networked Device Interoperability Guidelines, scheduled for release in early 2012.
Ethernet HomePlug AV can support full multimedia home networking, including simultaneous High Definition (HD) and Standard Definition (SD) video distribution, whole-house audio, Voice Over IP and high speed Internet in addition to data networking.