Homing Head

Homing Head


a device used in self-guiding missiles (such as torpedoes and antiaircraft missiles) to track a target and direct the projectile to it automatically.

A homing head may direct the missile throughout its entire trajectory or only at a given stage. The basic components of the homing head are the transmitter, which emits waves at the target; the receiver, which receives the waves reflected off the target; the gyrostabilizer and the coordinator, which follow the target, defining the relative positions of the missile and its target; and the computing device, which directs the missile. Various wave bands are used in the homing head’s transmitter, including radio and optical bands. Depending upon where the transmitter is situated, homing heads are classified either as self-contained (if the transmitter is located in the missile itself) or remote (if the transmitter is located outside both the missile and target).


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Tenders are invited for Procurement of case wooden packing boxes with circular metal base for ics and homing head with cushion arrangement for nad(v).
The other missile unveiled on Sunday, the Nasr-e Basir (Clear Victory), is equipped with a seeker homing head.
The missiles are equipped with highly sensitive infrared homing head which can intercept high speed aircraft and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.
The missiles are equipped with highly sensitive infrared homing head that can intercept high-speed aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles.
The fire-and-forget Mistral 2 missile, fitted with an infrared homing head, is fully autonomous after firing, can reach a speed of Mach 2.
Guided by a heat-seeking homing head, the A-Darter also can "see" more of an infrared frequency and can thus avoid being deceived by flares.
Developed by General Dynamics' Valley Systems Division, the missile is equipped with a passive homing head which reacts to infrared and ultra-violet radiations and which incidentally is highly resistant to IR countermeasures.
Its extremely sensitive infrared homing head is based on multiple-cell technology and is thus highly resistant to enemy electro-optic and electronic countermeasures.
The latter, mounted on the Alvis Stormer AFV and fitted with an integrated passive 360 (degrees) heat-seeking homing head, will equip the newly to be formed Close Air Defence Regiment of the British Army of the Rhine.
In addition, TUS supplies seismic oil and gas exploration systems, torpedo homing heads, and port security systems.