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Then how did our world end up with homochiral biochemistry?
NATURE'S DEXTERITY However homochirality arises, a tiny seed of chiral asymmetry in the first molecules of life represents only a fraction of what it would take to bring about fully homochiral biochemistry, in which molecules of one handedness dominate the scene, while the other handedness has all but disappeared.
Following derivatization of MDMA and MDA using (R)-MTP chloride as a homochiral derivatizing agent (HCDA), the diastereomeric amides formed were resolved using the chromatographic conditions used for the analysis of both plasma and urine samples (Figs.
R], renal clearance; HCDA, homochiral derivatizing agent; and Rs, chromatographic resolution factor.
Remarks In the above shifts will have the possibility of increasing 8oron homochiral up to three (3) day, and homochiral movement within Attica, after warning by us.
2006) Chiral self-recognition: Direct spectroscopic detection of the homochiral and heterochiral dimers of propylene oxide in the gas phase.
Marlborough, MA), the homochiral version of racemic albuterol; broncodilation could be achieved with levalbuterol at one-fourth the dose of racemic albuterol (and with fewer side effects) (Handley et al.
It was clear from many presentations that chiral asymmetric synthetic methods have reached a high level in the past several years and many approaches have now been optimized to make the construction of essentially homochiral synthons from achiral starting materials a practical reality for the modern synthetic chemist.
Surprisingly, very little attention has been devoted to the design of homochiral metal-organic frameworks for enantiomer separation.