Horse-Drawn Vehicle

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Vehicle, Horse-Drawn


a vehicle to which horses are usually hitched. (Such a vehicle may also be drawn by oxen, mules, camels, and other draft animals.) Horse-drawn vehicles may carry people or cargo. They may have wheels or runners (sleds); those with wheels are either single-axled (with two wheels) or double-axled (with four wheels). The vehicles may be unsprung, semisprung, or sprung; there may be a shaft or a tongue.

In Middle Asia and in the countries of the Middle East, arby having two wheels, each with a diameter reaching 2 m, are used to transport loads across fields that are broken up by ditches. The most modern wheeled vehicles of this type are unsprung freight wagons with ball bearings and pneumatic tires.

Three types of horse-drawn vehicles are manufactured in the USSR: a single-axled dumpcart with a capacity of 0.75 ton, a double-axled dumpcart with a capacity of 1.5 tons, and a non-dumping vehicle with a capacity of 2 tons. These vehicles, which are equipped with large beds, are noiseless, travel well on dirt roads and over roadless areas, and deliver the load (milk, eggs, fruit, vegetables) in good condition.

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Alongside quaint advice about speeding were instructions for drivers of horse-drawn vehicles and a guide to interpret the hand signals of police officers directing traffic.
Done well, a restored horse-drawn vehicle looks exactly like it was when first built, but it is nothing more than a silhouette of the original--useful to demonstrate how it looked as a new vehicle, but lacking in the real stuff.
In a world before cars took over the roads, we see carefree folk strolling around with only the occasional horse-drawn vehicle to avoid.
1 The chariot may be defined as a light, fast, usually horse-drawn vehicle with two spoked wheels; its crew usually stood.
Similar instructions are given to horse-drawn vehicles with the additional task of withdrawing the horses from shafts, securing them to the rear of the vehicle, and before taking cover, ensuring that the horses have been given nosebags.
Above, the picture of a bustling Market Place shows evidence of trams and horse-drawn vehicles so our guess would be that it was taken about 1910.
HORSE-DRAWN vehicles may have dominated roads for centuries but the humble handcart also played a key role in business and everyday life.
I wonder, too, will we once again see horse-drawn vehicles going around our streets with keen gardeners rushing out to pick up the horse manure?
A French politician said law banning horse-drawn vehicles from Romanian roads could have led to the surge in illegal meat products.
and alpacas (pictured) Picture: STEVE LEWIS Cliff Green RACHEL BOURNE Jack Davies, 10, from Rhuddlan with Paula Vidal, and judge C (commentator) with three-year-old Shetland stallion Picture: Jemma Williams, aged six, with a wooden dragon Picture: STEVE LEWIS Vintage horse-drawn vehicles on display Picture: STEVE LEWIS Shire horses display their strength in traditional style at the North Wales Shire Horse Society Show at Bodelwyddan Castle at th he weekend Picture: RACHEL BOURNE
He has six horses - two greys and four bays - plus seven horse-drawn vehicles, including a landau for weddings and a road coach, which is drawn by a team of four.
The exhibition's a walk down memory lane, and fascinating too; pictures of the crowds at the Central Station as the team took to horse-drawn vehicles holding the Cup aloft, and the original No.