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Grodeck habia llegado a Roma con Stanislaus Hosius, cardenal que participo en el concilio de Trento y que habia publicado la cuarta y parte de la tercera Mistagogica, transcritas de un manuscrito griego que pertenecia al cardenal Sirleto.
Statybos darbus priziurejo is Vokietijos kiles inzinierius ir Vilniaus pilininkas Ulrichas Hosius (Vitkauskiene 2006).
Especialmente representativo desta posicao e Hosius, que a defendeu nas suas duas edicoes da Teubner, mesmo depois de Rossbach ter rejeitado a hipotese que ele proprio antes sugerira.
In the mid-fourth century, for example, Bishop Hosius warned Emperor Constantius:
For example, Hosius, Bishop of Cordova, wrote the Emperor Constantius around 350 about his conception of church and empire as follows:
quando cioe Nummio ricopri la carica di praefectus praetorio d'Italia, sono attribuiti incarichi di responsabilia politica anche ad altri due personaggi, sulla cui origine ispanica rimangono comunque delle incertezze (29), e cioe Basilius chiamato ad essere praefectus urbis Romae e Hosius nominato comes sacrarum largitionum in Oriente (30).
It has created more serious, positive relationships between contractors and us because they know that we're paying attention to the front and back end of building houses," says Bill Hosius, Ply Mart's vice president.
The roles played in the history of Poland by the Society of Jesus and its great protector Cardinal Stanislaus Hosius (Stanislaw Hozjusz) cannot be overestimated.
From these, the five legates (Ercole Gonzaga, Giacomo Puteo, Seripando, Stanislaus Hosius, and Ludovico Simonetta) would choose 12 to present before the general congregation of the council.
Such actions do not appear to have been altogether exceptional, for at the Council of Serdica in 343, Bishop Hosius, after criticizing bishops, in particular the north Africans for bringing many useless petitions to the imperial court, urges that their time would be better spent in supporting the causes of those who had sought refuge in their churches either to avoid injustice or even to escape punishment from the courts (Canon 8).
Since Badali devotes much of his preface to explaining the rationale of his edition (descriptions of the manuscripts are given in lengthy footnotes), the reader who wants a detailed discussion of the tradition must turn to the editions of Housman and Hosius and Gotoff's Transmission of the Text of Lucan in the Ninth Century (Cambridge, Mass.
Hosius and Marshall write 'ipsum [Sigma]'; the siglum is better reserved for the text inherited by the recentiores, not readings in this or that MS.