Hot Springs

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Hot Springs,

city (1990 pop. 32,462), seat of Garland co., W central Ark.; settled 1807, inc. 1876. The city nearly surrounds Hot Springs National ParkHot Springs National Park,
5,549 acres (2,247 hectares), W central Ark.; est. 1921; nearly surrounded by the city of Hot Springs. Visited by Spanish explorer Hernando De Soto in 1541, the springs, long used by Native Americans for medicinal purposes, became a Federal Reservation
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, whose hot mineral springs made the city a famous health resort. Bottled mineral water is produced, and there is diversified manufacturing. Situated in the Ouachita Mts., the city is at the center of the reservoir system of the Ouachita River. The area was visited by the Spanish explorer Hernando De SotoDe Soto, Hernando
, c.1500–1542, Spanish explorer. After serving under Pedro Arias de Ávila in Central America and under Francisco Pizarro in Peru, the dashing young conquistador was made governor of Cuba by Emperor Charles V, with the right to conquer Florida
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 in 1541. The properties of the local mineral waters were investigated in 1804 under the authorization of President Thomas Jefferson.

Hot Springs


a city in Arkansas, in the eastern spurs of the Ouachita Mountains. Population, 35,600 (1973). Hot Springs is a balneological health resort. The climate is mild. The curative agents include 47 thermal springs (temperature, approximately 62°C), the water of which contains chlorine, sodium, iodine, and bromine and is used for bathing and bottling. Diseases of the joints, peripheral nervous system, and skin are among the disorders treated. There are 20 balneological institutions, a rehabilitation center, and a physical medicine center. The city lies within the Hot Springs National Park (reservation from 1832 to 1921). The area is a tourist center.

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We will be joined at this celebration by three generations of the Babe Ruth family, including his grandson Tom Stevens, great-grandson Brent Stevens, and the Babe's great-great granddaughters," said Steve Arrison, CEO of Visit Hot Springs, the trail's sponsor.
There are so many hot springs to choose from in Taiwan, however Beitou remains a classic Mecca for seekers of the soak.
This may have implications for an origin of life in freshwater hot springs on land, rather than the more widely discussed idea that life developed in the ocean and adapted to land later.
The researchers inferred the land-based origin of these fossils due to the presence of geyserites, which are mineral deposits found only near terrestrial hot springs.
Without this volcano, the natural green mineral hot springs in the area would not be heated by the hot rock formations that are now directly beneath the ground.
Onsen is a Nihongo term for hot springs where the Japanese believe that soaking in the warm water speeds up metabolism, massages the muscles, removes the aches, cleanses the skin, among other benefits.
The Arkadelphia school is partnering with National Park Community College for the new education center, which will be located in the Landmark Building in downtown Hot Springs.
It also drove Craft's decision to devote 40 years to improving education in the Hot Springs (Ark.
In geothermal power generation using hot springs, electricity is produced by spinning a steam turbine with hot water taken from a source of hot springs or wells.
Under this situation, research work trends toward to health promotion activity using health resort medicine including natural resources such as hot springs, forest environments, mountains, oceans and so on.
Executive Director of Tourism in Jazan Rustom Al-Kabisi said the hot springs would be developed into a health tourist center comparable to any hot spring abroad.
Much like the geysers, hot springs, and fumaroles (steam and gas vents) at Yellowstone National Park, the approximately 2,800 hot springs in and around Beppu are fueled by volcanic activity very close to Earth's crust.