Hot Cell

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hot cell

[′hät ‚sel]

Hot Cell


a chamber for working with strongly radioactive substances, such as irradiated fuel elements, sample materials, and the structural elements of the active core of a reactor. At atomic research centers and laboratories hot cells are used in reactor technology and for work connected with material studies and physical and technological research.

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The G-LDR telemanipulator's arm does not require any internal space above the mount opening, enabling users to reduce the internal height of the hot cell.
This is a machine that can be used to reduce sample sizes inside a hot cell.
The DRHS makes use of the remote handling transfer casks to allow safe transport of con-taminated/radioactive in-vessel components to and from the Hot Cell.
These findings raise the question of whether Syria took natural uranium intended for a reactor at Dair Alzour and used a portion of it to perform cold-testing of reprocessing (for purpose of separating out plutonium) on a small scale at the hot cell facility," David Albright and Paul Brannan of the Institute for Science and International Security said in a commentary.
5 is installed in a gas tight hot cell with 200 mm lead/500 mm lead glass shielding.
The detainee alleged that he had been placed in painful physical restraints in a hot cell in retaliation for a complaint he had recently filed against a jail officer.
In this application, EKOR coated concrete shield blocks and demonstrated EKOR Sealer as superior to conventional material as a macro-encapsulating coating of hot cell walls and other radioactive contaminated components in the decommissioning program.
Mr Samura, aged 37, was threatened with a knife after being moved to a solitary cell the size of a 'broom cupboard' while the others were held in a 'stifling hot cell with no ventilation' at the National Security Agency jail.
Barrie and Zimbabwe-born cameraman Tim Lambon were thrown into a stiflingly hot cell.
The agreement with Beijing made provision for the construction of the nuclear complex near Birine as well as the Es Salam reactor, a hot cell laboratory, and another facility for the production of radioisotopes.
Both users and hot cell manufacturers are asking for ways to reduce the space required for a hot cell, while at the same time improving operator sensitivity and system reliability.
Further deferrals include some of the heating systems, specific diagnostics, hot cell tools and tritium plant systems.