Baker, Howard H., Jr.

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Baker, Howard H. (Henry), Jr.

(1925–  ) U.S. senator; born in Huntsville, Tenn. From a prominent political family, he served in the U.S. Senate (Rep., Tenn.; 1967–87). He won fame in 1973 as the ranking Republican on the Senate committee investigating the Watergate scandal. Senate minority leader (1977–81) and majority leader (1981–85), he served as President Reagan's chief of staff (1987–88), but never realized his own presidential ambitions. He left public office to practice law.
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Howard Baker, chief of the Immunization Branch for the California Department of Health Services.
Ambassador to Japan Howard Baker as well as some members of Congress and various think tanks, his aides said.
Traditional statesmen like Robert Michel, Howard Baker, and Robert Dole were constantly at loggerheads with the conservative bomb-throwers like Gingrich, Bob Walker, and Rep.
Nancy Kassebaum Baker, the wife of Ambassador to Japan Howard Baker, has sent a letter to the U.
Howard Baker of Tennessee recommended a re-examination of Medicaid and its role in long term care.
Ambassador to Japan Howard Baker, the former Senate majority leader and White House chief of staff, is considered by many to possess one of the most savvy political minds to pass through Washington.
Following that, he worked in Washington for Senator Howard Baker and on the staff of a GOP governor back home in Tennessee.
Ambassador to Japan Howard Baker thanked Japan on Friday for its cooperation in the fight against terrorism in an address aboard the U.
blue ribbon commission, headed by former Senate Majority Leader Howard Baker, has called for spending $3 billion a year over the next ten years to maintain control over the nuclear weapons, nuclear materials, and nuclear scientists in the former Soviet Union.
Then a strong reaction set in, especially in the works of Howard Baker (Induction to Tragedy, 1939) and G.