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river, China: see XiangXiang
or Siang
, river, 715 mi (1,151 km) long, rising in NE Guangxi prov. and flowing N through Hunan prov. to Dongting Lake, SE China. The river is navigable to large vessels for most of its course; Changsha is the largest city and major port.
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, Hsiang, Siang
1. a river in SE central China, rising in NE Guangxi Zhuang and flowing northeast and north to Dongting Lake. Length: about 1150 km (715 miles)
2. a river in S China, rising in SE Y?nnan and flowing generally east to the Hongxiu (the upper course of the Xi River). Length: about 800 km (500 miles)
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In one study, police officers in a psychology experiment were more likely to choose to shoot someone in a lab simulation when the room temperature was hotter, Hsiang said.
This story, it is important to note, was primarily attached not to Duke Huan but to his immediate predecessor, Duke Hsiang of Ch'i [Chinese Text Omitted] (r.
Many are immigrants and English is not their first language,'' said Hsiang, who was a member of another Toastmasters chapter before founding the Orient Express.
Wade Crowfoot Deputy Cabinet Secretary and Senior Advisor, Office of California Governor Jerry Brown Noah Diffenbaugh Associate Professor of Environmental Earth System Science and Senior Fellow, The Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment Peter Gleick President and Co-Founder, The Pacific Institute Solomon Hsiang Assistant Professor of Public Policy, The Goldman School of Public Policy, University of California, Berkeley Moderator: Thomas F.
Hsiang held the position of Director of Acquisitions and Development for Morgans Hotel Group for the past eight years, where he was responsible for the various transactions including in the expansion of the Mondrian brand in Miami South Beach and Soho New York.
Among the operators getting loans in the first quarter are Farglory Group, Huang Hsiang Construction Corp.
SAN FRANCISCO, June 21 /PRNewswire/ -- StumbleUpon, the personalized content discovery engine, today announced it has hired two new directors to its sales and partnership teams: Anthony Napolitano, Director of Sales, and Oliver Hsiang, Director of Strategic Partnerships.
16, 2012 (CENS) -- The Tung Hsiang Machinery Enterprise Co.
Hsiang Wei Administration Region, Ta-Lang Town, DongGuan, GuangDong, China -- Xian Lin Light Decoration Co.
In one doubles match, Andy Liu and Ben Hsiang fell behind 5-1 before roaring back to win 7-6.
com ASE Test Ken Hsiang (CFO) Tel: +1-510-687-2475 Email:ken_hsiang@aseglobal.
For further information please contact: Ken Hsiang (CFO) Tel: +1-510-687-2475 Email: ken_hsiang@aseglobal.