Al Hudaydah

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Al Hudaydah:

see HodeidaHodeida
or Al Hudaydah
, city (1994 pop. 298,452), W Yemen, on the Red Sea. An important port, it exports coffee, cotton, dates, and hides. It was developed as a seaport in the mid-19th cent. by the Turks. After a disastrous fire in Jan.
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, Yemen.
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An Iranian-flagged ship that Tehran says is carrying humanitarian supplies for Yemen could reach the port of Hudeida within four to five days, raising the prospect of a possible confrontation between Saudi Arabia and Iran.
Without the support of the main office, the other nine field sites will struggle to operate and could rapidly run out of cash, which could affect, for example, 11,500 people benefiting from general food distribution in Hajja or 3,000 receiving cash transfers in Hudeida, he added.
Taez, Ibb, Baida, Hudeida, Raymah, Amran, Hajja, Saada, Jawf and Marib have seen clashes between the rebels and tribes loyal to Hadi, or with Saudi troops across the border.
They were mostly located in Sanaa, Al Hudeida, Aden and Mokallah.
Both Moscow/Tehran and the Houthis depend on the YAF in their current hold over nine of the country's provinces including the Red Sea port city of Hudeida, through which Russia and the IRGC are ferrying weapons.
The Houthis, also known as Ansarullah, have been able to expand their territory largely unchallenged by government forces, taking control of the capital, the key port of Hudeida, and the provinces of Ibb and Dhamar.
Meanwhile, further west in the Red Sea port city of Hudeida, suspected al-Qaeda fighters killed 18 Yemeni troops and captured 15 others, security and tribal sources said on Sunday.
Houthi fighters last Oct 21 were deployed to the Red Sea port city of Hudeida.
The rebels took the Sunni majority Red Sea port city of Hudeida on Monday, and on Wednesday advanced into mainly Shiite Dhamar province and then Ibb.
Instead, in an audacious show of defiance, they seized the Red Sea city of Hudeida, home to the country's second most important port, yesterday, just hours after they gave their blessings to the appointment of Bahah as Prime Minister.
In the latest violence, a gunman on a motorcycle fired on an anti-government protest camp in the Red Sea town of Hudeida, killing a man guarding the protest, witnesses said.
Deadly clashes have already erupted between the presidential guard in the southern city of Mukalla and turncoat soldiers, and Saleh loyalist forces briefly surrounded an air force battalion in Hudeida before backing down.