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Lofting, Hugh,

1886–1947, American writer of juvenile stories, b. Maidenhead, England. He settled in the United States in 1912. His famous "Dr. Dolittle" stories, which concern an extraordinary country doctor with a great love of animals, began as letters to his children during World War I. They include The Story of Dr. Dolittle (1920), The Voyages of Dr. Dolittle (1922), and Dr. Dolittle and the Secret Lake (1948). All were illustrated by Lofting himself.
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Geniuses are rare and, without being at all an undue praiser of times past, one can say without hesitation that until the appearance of Hugh Lofting, the successor of Miss Yonge, Mrs.
Lewis Carroll absolutely conquered the difficulties, but I am not sure that anyone after him until Hugh Lofting has really managed the trick; even in such a masterpiece as "The Wind in the Willows" we are not quite convinced.
The film is based on a character from a series of children's books published in the 1920s by Hugh Lofting.
Of course the pushmi-pullyu existed only in the imagination of Hugh Lofting, who wrote books for children.
Hugh Lofting, who had been a soldier in the trenches, addressed his Doctor Doolittle stories to a broader audience than children, and insisted that hunting and war were indistinguishable.
9 Which fictional doctor, created by Hugh Lofting, was able to understand the language of animals?
Answers: 1) Gainsborough, 2) A derby, 3) Nave, 4) Blackbeard, 5) Lakes, 6) James Joyce, 7) Antarctic Circle, 8) 23, 9) 15, 10) Hugh Lofting.
Previous recipients of the award have included The Voyages of Dr Dolittle by Hugh Lofting, A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L'Engle and The High King by Lloyd Alexander.
Dwi'n gwybod yn iawn am rai o'r lleill, wedi gweld y ffilm neu'r gyfres deledu ('A Clockwork Orange,' Anthony Burgess, 'The Adventures of Dr Dolittle,' Hugh Lofting, 'David Copperfield,' Dickens ayyb) ond erioed wedi darllen y llyfrau.
In his series of children's books, British author Hugh Lofting introduced the world to the kindhearted, globetrotting John Dolittle, whose parrot Polynesia teaches him the secret of talking to animals.
Nelvana acquires development, production, distribution and merchandising rights for an animated series based on 13-book Doctor Dolittle series written and illustrated by Hugh Lofting.
Dr Doolittle the children's book by Hugh Lofting captivated her ambition at the age of seven, as did The Jungle Book and Tarzan.