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Hugh of Lincoln, Saint,

1140–1200, bishop of Lincoln, b. Avalon, Burgundy, of a noble family. He was educated and made his profession at the priory of Augustinian canons at Villarbenoît. Hugh joined (c.1160) the Carthusians at age 25, rising to become procurator general. About 1176 he was, at the request of King Henry II, sent to England to become prior of the charterhouse founded by Henry at Witham, Somerset. In 1186 he was consecrated bishop of Lincoln. He opposed Henry's forest laws and his demands for the preferment of unworthy courtiers. In 1198 he was spokesman for the barons in their refusal of money to Richard I and was also in conflict with Richard's successor, John. But the bishop's high courage, devotion to religion and justice, and ready tact helped him to convert the angry royal brothers to his own views. He was noted for his charity, love of the poor and oppressed, and the holiness of his life. He partially rebuilt Lincoln Cathedral, where his shrine was a place of pilgrimage until the Reformation. He is also known as St. Hugh of Avalon. Feast: Nov. 17.


See D. H. Farmer, St. Hugh of Lincoln (1985).

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Hugh of Lincoln Episcopal Church, 36W957 Highland Ave.
Requiem Mass will be held at St Hugh of Lincoln RC Church on Monday January 29 at 10.
The most famous of them is Little Sir Hugh of Lincoln, who was reputedly murdered by a Jewess and dumped in a well.
A Life of Hugh of Lincoln, which has been plausibly attributed to Henry, does not appear in the Cambridge manuscript, and is omitted from this edition.
Advice on how to approach Bartlett's early history of the cult of the saints in the Latin West may be taken from a story he includes about Hugh of Lincoln.
There were a number of similar accusations, the worst of which was the story of Hugh of Lincoln, when the Jews of the town were again accused of carrying out a ritual murder in 1255.
Forgoing all other terms in favor of "Jew-hatred," he advances no new theories but deals with the violence locally and in a religious context, from the ritual-murder accusation against Jews in the case of William of Norwich in 1144 to the massacres of 1190 associated with the third crusade to the ritual-murder case of Hugh of Lincoln in 1255, for which 19 Jews were executed.
There's 'The Ballad of Little Sir Hugh' and sundry Latin and English accounts of the supposed ritual murder of Hugh of Lincoln.
In December 1927 a Church dedicated to St Hugh of Lincoln serving the Dads Lane Estate opened in Pineapple Grove.
But unlike the woman at Soissons, who was rendered silent by the indignant accusation of the relic's guardian, or whose reaction at least garners no mention in the text, Hugh of Lincoln justified his behavior theologically and in terms of the larger benefit to himself of acquiring a relic.
Hugh of Lincoln as her Accession Day had rankled some of her subjects.
Timothy was a pupil at St Hugh of Lincoln School in Stretford.