Hughes, Thomas

Hughes, Thomas,

1822–96, English author. A lawyer, Hughes eventually became a judge; he was also a Liberal member of Parliament and worked assiduously for social reforms. His novel of school life, Tom Brown's School Days (1857), is a classic. Its sequel, Tom Brown at Oxford (1861), was less successful.
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The names of the other men who died in the Hoylake lifeboat disaster, which wiped out two generations of families, were: John Bird Snr, John Bird Jnr, Henry Bird (son of John Bird Snr) and Henry Bird (son of William Bird), Richard Hughes, Thomas Hughes (son of Richard) and Joseph Hughes (brother of Richard).
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Front row: James Hughes, Thomas Middlebrook, Ben Holmes, Joe Cannon, Joel Denton, Cavan Howarth (zyhud120911nethker) * ON TARGET: A delighted Cavan Howarth (above fourth left) celebrates after his second goal restores Netherton's lead and Netherton's Joel Denton gets in a vital clearance (left) Pictures: Eric Kershaw (zyhud120911nethup2ker/zyhud120911nethupker5) * UP IN THE AIR: Upperthong's Lewis Elsy (orange) tries to find a way past Josh O'Malley (above), while Netherton scorer Cavan Howarth (stripes) tries a bit of ball juggling to get past Zak Sleney (below) (zyhud120911nethup1ker/zyhud120911nethup6ker)
Clockwise from far left: Tomos Land (left) and Liam Rawlings; Bethan Davies; Martha Owen; (l-r) Cari Hughes, Thomas Evans and Matthew Willis Pictures: STEVE LIVETT
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Its 3,300 distinguished member writers carry on the human rights and public service achievements of such past members as James Baldwin, Willa Cather, Robert Frost, Allen Ginsberg, Langston Hughes, Thomas Mann, Arthur Miller, Marianne Moore, Eugene O'Neill and John Steinbeck.
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