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(puffers), a family of fish of the order Plectognathi (or Tetraodontiformes). The fused jaw bones form plates that resemble four teeth. The skin is covered with spines or is naked. The pelvic fins are absent, and the pectoral fins are well developed, allowing the Tetraodontidae to move backward as well as forward. The stomach has saclike outgrowths that, when filled with air or water, make the fish resemble prickly balls.

The family comprises 19 genera, with more than 90 species. The Tetraodontidae are distributed in subtropical and tropical seas. There are four freshwater genera, including the most common genus Tetraodon. The meat of the Tetraodontidae is very tasty and is highly prized in the countries of the Far East. The skin, peritoneum, liver, and gonads are poisonous.


Zhizh’ zhivotnykh, vol. 4, part 1. Moscow, 1971.
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Hugus conclues: "The conflict in Palestine is not morally ambiguous.
The highly calcareous basal interval at Okeriko includes layered coatings that are similar to those recognised for the lower unit at Hugus and Toasis (Fig.
In the upper unit, they are generally more common in the upper part of the interval at Hugus and Toasis.
Sepiolite-dominated carbonate depletion hypocoatings are recognised in some samples from Hugus and Toasis as clearly orthic features with a stipple- to mosaic-speckled b-fabric and with enclosed sand grains (Fig.
They are absent at Hugus and Toasis, where field characteristics of the surface interval include low consistency, high salt content, and the presence of a thin salt crust.
For the deposits of the Hugus, Toasis, and Okozondje pans, comprising two lithological units separated by a hiatus, sepiolite coatings in the lower unit can, in principle, have formed before or after deposition of the upper unit.
Sepiolite coatings occur in the upper part of the lower unit at Hugus and in the western part of the Toasis basin, and they occur in the lower part of the unit in the eastern part of Toasis, characterised by sandy layered deposits.
The contrasting patterns for the upper unit at Hugus, where coatings are absent in the uppermost part of the unit in the (marginal) profiles in which they occur, indicate more complex controls on their formation or preservation.
A graduate of Northwestern University's School of Mortgage Banking, Hugus is a member of the National Association of Industrial and Office Parks, the National Association of Homebuilders and the International Council of Shopping Center Developers.
Hugus has managed in excess of $5 billion of financing, primarily for commercial real estate ventures and publicly-owned homebuilders.
Presently president and member of the board of directors of the Emmanuel Cancer Foundation, and a member of the Finance Committee of Middletown United Methodist Church, Hugus currently resides in Lincroft, New Jersey.