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1. Mountaineering any of various devices such as piton or nut when used as a direct help in the ascent
2. (in medieval Europe; in England after 1066) a feudal payment made to the king or any lord by his vassals, usually on certain occasions such as the marriage of a daughter or the knighting of an eldest son


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We are very proud to support the DCHA Bureau in its important mission, responding to international disasters and providing humanitarian assistance to at-risk populations around the world.
However, these seemingly temporary glitches don't stop Bahrain from offering humanitarian assistance to affected people around the globe.
Since my last briefing to the Security Council in November 2014, the number of Iraqis requiring humanitarian assistance has grown to over 8.
The UN agency considered the delivery of humanitarian assistance as an important demonstration of commitment to providing essential assistance to all civilians affected by the intensive armed clashes continuing in Yarmouk.
Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Bakhytzhan Sagintayev has signed an order on August 29, according to which the state agencies must work out concrete proposals and mechanisms for the provision of humanitarian assistance to south-eastern regions of Ukraine.
In order to provide maximum relief to North Waziristan's internally displaced persons (IDPs) the government of Korea has decided to extend US $ 200,000 humanitarian assistance through the United Nations World Food Program (WFP) in close cooperation with the Government of Pakistan.
BEIRUT: The United States is contributing an additional $32 million in humanitarian assistance to support Syrian refugees in Lebanon, the U.
If confirmed, the move would mark a radical shift in policy by the Americans who have previously resorted to humanitarian assistance only.
14 crores towards humanitarian assistance to the people of Syria in the conference.
The humanitarian assistance exercise, known as "Operation Pacific Angel," will start in Legazpi City tomorrow and will involve 99 US soldiers as well as Philippine troops.
February 09 2012 (TUR) -- A member of the European Commission, Kristalina Georgieva, said Thursday that deep rooted civilizations like Turkey may assume leadership and lead humanitarian assistance in the world.
Summary: India has handed over humanitarian assistance to Libya consisting of life saving medicines, and at the country's National Transitional Council's reqeust is providing a US$1 million worth of medical equipment.

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