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In October when the last hunger marches left for London they paused in Cardiff to be told by the Rev William Jones: "If Jesus Christ were on earth He would be on the march with you.
Hunger marches, homelessness, hatred and ultimately the rise of fascism and the cataclysm of the Second World War in which 100 million people died.
Mann, one of the founding fathers of the Labour movement, was arrested at the height of the Hunger Marches in the autumn of 1932 after violent clashes erupted between the demonstrators and police.
Robeson had a particular affinity with the Welsh after seeing the miners on hunger marches in London during the 1930s.
Donkeys leading young lions to the slaughter in the First World War, hunger marches and strikes, the rise of fascism and another long war.
This was at a time when men were making hunger marches and begging for work at any price.
Mr Paynter took part in the hunger marches of 1931, 1932 and 1936 - he was arrested on one occasion - and took part in a clandestine mission into Nazi Germany.