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We are desperate for nearly 20 hutches but half a dozen would help, just to separate them.
Steve added a van can be arranged to collect any donated hutches.
On the day the article was published, the centre was flooded with offers of donations and hutches which quickly guaranteed its future viability.
Vets confirmed that the affected rabbits were made seriously ill because of a deadly cocktail of viruses including E coli which flourished at the centre due to the damp hutches.
RWAF veterinary executive Judith Brown said: "We simply couldn't believe how tiny these hutches were.
For larger farmers with many calves, hutches mean a little more labor, and in inclement weather, working conditions aren't as good as they are with other types of housing.
He said he believed they had been killed by a dog, but somebody must have been with it to open the hutches.
He said: "A couple of the hutches have got teeth marks and scratch marks and there are paw prints around the garden.