Hutterian Brethren

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Hutterian Brethren

(hətēr`ēən), a body of Christians practicing strict communism based on religious principles. The Brethren are descendants of those Moravian AnabaptistsAnabaptists
[Gr.,=rebaptizers], name applied, originally in scorn, to certain Protestant sects holding that infant baptism is not authorized in Scripture and that baptism should be administered to believers only.
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 who were followers of Jacob Hutter, a minister from the Tyrol who was burned at the stake in 1536. In the 17th cent. there were a number of Hutterian brotherhoods in Moravia. Persecution drove them eastward to eventual settlement in Russia. In 1874, in company with Russian Mennonites, a group emigrated to the United States, settling near Tabor, S.Dak. Other groups followed. Their doctrines and principles, aside from their practice of common ownership, are in accord with those of MennonitesMennonites
, descendants of the Dutch and Swiss evangelical Anabaptists of the 16th cent. Beliefs and Membership

While each congregation is at liberty to decide independently on its form of worship and other matters, Mennonites generally agree on certain
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 in general. There are around 460 Hutterite colonies in the United States and Canada today, mainly on the W North American prairie. They are also known as Hutterische Brethren or Hutterites.


See studies by V. Peters (1965), J. W. Bennett (1967), and J. A. Hostelter (1975).

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3) Hutterite draftees were subject to remorseless hazing.
The Edmonton Journal was quick to point out the hypocrisy of the government when they started to revisit the idea of guidelines to control Hutterite settlement in the late 1980s.
One Hutterite explains: "Everything I do I do for somebody else.
66) This might better be termed "identity conferral" if one Hutterite were to willingly, and illegally, give his or her license to another.
The new Katalog begins with an informative introduction to the creation and transmission of Hutterite texts.
The study uncovered more than 40 genetic regions that influence fertility in Hutterite men.
Residents of 46 Hutterite colonies in the Canadian provinces of Alberta (n=22), Saskatchewan (n=22) and Manitoba (n=2) participated in influenza surveillance for a cluster randomized controlled trial (RCT) to determine if the vaccination of healthy children and adolescents with inactivated influenza vaccine would reduce laboratory-confirmed influenza in other residents of these communities.
Hutterites Use Cutting Edge Technology to Raise Salmon Sustainably
Alberta argued that the reason it could not safely offer an exemption from its licence photo requirement to Hutterites who objected to photos on religious grounds was because Syndicat Northcrest v.
Although most of the text explains modem Hutterite life, equally instructive early chapters recount the history of the movement.
We hunted the Hutterite land and gave them something for hunting their properties.
did not reconsider the Hutterite claimants' two proposals from this standpoint.