hybrid drive

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hybrid drive

(1) An optical disc drive that supports more than one format. See Blu-ray.

(2) A storage drive with a small amount of solid state flash memory (SSD) and a large amount of hard disk. See solid state hybrid drive and Fusion Drive.

(3) A hard drive with a disk cache made of flash memory. If the next set of data called for by the computer is in the cache, the transfer is much faster than reading from the disk. The capacity of the flash cache is a small percentage of the drive's total space.

RAM Caches: DRAM and SRAM
Since the 1990s, hard drives have had a small dynamic RAM (DRAM) cache built in or on the controller. Because DRAM is faster than flash memory, hybrid drives generally use both DRAM and flash memory caches, and they may use static RAM (SRAM) instead of DRAM because SRAM is even faster. See cache, flash memory, solid state drive, dynamic RAM, static RAM, Robson cache and NV cache.
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From a system standpoint, there are several advantages of hybrid hard drive technology over similar approaches, including:
5-inch notebook hybrid hard drive that combines rotating disc storage with flash memory for greater power efficiency, faster boot-ups and increased reliability; the Momentus 5400.
The hybrid hard drive or HHD will limit the number of SSDs used in PCs.
WD's 5mm hybrid hard drives will enable the market's thinnest computers to offer 500GB of capacity, utilising almost 50 per cent less volume compared to current 9.
Total SSD shipments are forecast to experience a 71% CAGR from 2011 to 2016 as flash caching solutions in the form of dual drive configurations and hybrid hard drives fuel the growth of ultrabooks and ultra-thin notebook PCs.
WD 5 mm hybrid hard drives will enable the market s thinnest computers to offer 500 GB of capacity, utilizing almost 50% less volume compared to current 9.
Any combination of SSD and HDD can be used, making it a far more flexible solution than Hybrid Hard Drives.
DRAMeXchange assistant vice president Sean Yang indicates, "As SSD cost remains much higher than traditional hard drive cost, many of the ultrabooks currently promoted by PC vendors are equipped with hybrid hard drives.
Up to 1TB of hard drive capacity configured in a RAID 0 array for storing massive entertainment collections, plus support for solid state drives and hybrid hard drives.
lt; < Hybrid Hard Drives Samsung Spinpoint MH80 < < Seagate Momentus 5400 PSD 14.
Last of all solid state drives using flash memory and hybrid hard drives (HHD) using flash memory cache are beginning to appear in PCs.