Hybrid Integrated Circuit

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hybrid integrated circuit

[′hī·brəd ¦int·ə‚grād·əd ′sər·kət]
A circuit in which one or more discrete components are used in combination with integrated-circuit construction.

Hybrid Integrated Circuit


a hybrid microcircuit, an integrated circuit that has microminiature components (transistors, semiconductor diodes, inductors, and so on) mounted on it, in addition to the usual elements that are permanently connected on the surface or contained within the material of the substrate. Depending on the method of fabricating the permanently connected elements, they may be classified as hybrid-film or semiconductor integrated circuits.

The resistors, capacitors, contact areas, and electrical conductors in hybrid integrated circuits are fabricated either by the successive deposition of various materials on the substrate in a vacuum (the mask deposition method and the photolithographic method) or by applying materials in the form of films (by such processes as the chemical method or the silk-screen method). The mounted components are attached to a substrate having film elements, and their leads are connected to the corresponding contact areas by soldering or welding. As a rule, hybrid integrated circuits are placed in a housing and are hermetically sealed. Their use in an electronic apparatus increases its reliability and reduces both its size and weight.


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