Hydraulic Fluid

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hydraulic fluid

[hī′drȯ·lik ′flü·əd]
A low-viscosity fluid used in operating a hydraulic mechanism.

Hydraulic Fluid


a fluid used in machines and mechanisms to transmit forces. Hydraulic fluids should have a high resistance to oxidation, low frothing, inertness with respect to materials in the components of hydraulic systems, a flat viscosity curve, a low freezing point, and a high flash point. The petrochemical industry produces over 20 kinds of oils that are used in hydraulic systems (see Table 1).

Certain industrial and motor oils are utilized in a number of cases as hydraulic fluids. The majority of hydraulic fluids contain antioxidants, antifoamants, and other additives.


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It is suspected that in many cases the fumes are caused by leaks of hydraulic fluid or jet engine oil from faulty lines or seals into super-heated engine parts.
As the ladder lowered, we noticed hydraulic fluid raining from the port wheelwell.
Inspected frequently, this feature can give advance warning of a hydraulic fluid or cooling water leak or ground water seepage.
At the University of Northern Iowa, Lou Honary and his colleagues developed a vegetable oil replacement for hydraulic fluid used in heavy machinery such as forklifts and garbage trucks.
Features include the hydraulic digging chain drive, a hydraulic oil cooler that requires less hydraulic fluid and a direct drive (not electric) hydraulic cooling fan.
An accumulator chamber is typically spherical or cylindrical in shape and contains a hydraulic fluid separated from a pressurized gas (nitrogen) by a flexible bladder or diaphragm.
Hydraulic fluid began leaking from a hose on the truck just north of Magic Mountain Parkway and poured out for 1 1/2 miles, all the way to state Highway 126.
Along with Atanu Adhvaryu, a Pennsylvania State University postdoctorate scientist working at NCAUR, Erhan then formulated a new elevator hydraulic fluid using soy oil and tested it extensively to see that it had the necessary properties.
According to the Associated Press (AP), an elevator company drained the hydraulic fluid as part of its routine hospital elevator maintenance, but then poured the used fluid into nearby and empty detergent containers and failed to relabel them.
Case in point: Hydraulic fluid rather than detergent was used to "sterilize" surgical instruments used on 3,800 patients during November and December 2004 at two hospitals run by Duke University, according to an online news report.
The electric presses not only trimmed energy costs, but they eliminated costs of hydraulic fluid, hydraulic system maintenance, fluid storing, disposal, clean-up, and issues of potential spills," says Ellsworth.
Not only does it eliminate the need for brake pipes, booster, and hydraulic Fluid, but ABS and vehicle stability Functions would be Fully software-based.

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