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Francois Taveau, EDF Group Key Account Director for Alstom Power said, "By winning this substantial market, Alstom is reasserting its leading position in the renovation of hydroelectric power plants and in related services aiming at maintaining them in operational condition .
6- billion deal to buy two hydroelectric power plants from JPVL dealing a blow to the Indian Group's efforts to cut its debt.
Pointing to Turkish investors' interest in Georgia, Yildiz said Turkish entrepreneurs aimed at making a remarkable contribution to the construction process of hydroelectric power plants and production lines in this country.
In Japan, there are some 1,850 hydroelectric power plants, with a combined electricity output of 97.
has signed a contract for almost one million euros with the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) of Mexico to upgrade the Pe itas hydroelectric power plant located in the state of Chiapas.
The small hydroelectric power plants will provide local energy distribution, while minimizing environmental and social impacts.
After years of lobbying by GLP through their industry group, the province introduced new provincial legislation in September replacing existing property taxes with lower charges on gross revenues on hydroelectric power plants.
Construction continued into the next decade on a series of tunnels and pipes used to divert Crowley waters to three hydroelectric power plants in the gorge.
These areas include several key assets, ranging from vital State government facilities in and around the capital city of Austin to major utilities, hydroelectric power plants, and a nuclear power facility.
It also supplies nearly 75 percent of the electricity that comes from sources, including renewable technologies and hydroelectric power plants, that do not emit controlled pollutants or greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.
begins the press release announcing well-known Turkish photographer Murat Germen's latest exhibition, a series of snapshots taken in once-picturesque corners of Turkey that are now razed and stripped off their former beauty for hydroelectric power plants.
Macedonian hydroelectric power plants marked a record at the beginning of February when instead of the anticipated 2,258 gigawatt-hours of electricity in the electric power system, 5,333 gigawatt-hours of electricity were generated i.