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/hi:'per-spays/ A memory location that is *far* away from where the program counter should be pointing, often inaccessible because it is not even mapped in. (Compare jump off into never-never land.)

This usage is from the SF notion of a spaceship jumping "into hyperspace", that is, taking a shortcut through higher-dimensional space - in other words, bypassing this universe. The variant "east hyperspace" is recorded among CMU and Bliss hackers.


An instant-on operating system from Phoenix Technologies Ltd. (www.hyperspace.com) that can run stand-alone or co-exist with Windows. As soon as the computer is turned on, the Linux-based HyperSpace enables access to the Web and other HyperSpace applications. It draws less power than Windows and can provide as much as 30% more running time on a battery charge. HyperSpace also automatically switches the computer between Ethernet, Wi-Fi and 3G networks.

HyperSpace Single runs as the primary operating system in the computer. HyperSpace Dual runs side-by-side with Windows. See instant-on operating system.
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Jay Shah, president of Hyper Net, said: "Our proprietary Hyper Space software seamlessly integrates the viewer window with the subscriber's browser and other Internet software.
net for a free license to the Hyper Space software.
The Hyper Space viewer offers both subscribers and advertisers additional benefits.
The Hyper Space software is browser independent so it works with both Netscape's Navigator and Microsoft's Internet Explorer.
Hyper Net can customize its database and Hyper Space software to target messages to customers or employees.
The Hyper Space software viewer receives information directly from the customized relational database.
s licensing model provides licensees with relational database system customization, the Hyper Space software, and ongoing consultation, including leased line and server set-up/maintenance.
advanced starship ever built, vanishes into hyper space, except that
Other special effects, such as explosions or hyper space travel of a starship are possible.