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Destruction of a graft by the immune system of the recipient.

What does it mean when you dream about a rejection?

Rejection in a dream may suggest that there are feelings or situations the dreamer wants to be rid of.

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Characterization of a CD46 transgenic pig and protection of transgenic kidneys against hyperacute rejection in non-immunosuppressed baboons.
The most promising approach to vanquishing hyperacute rejection may be not to treat the recipient, but to change the donor organ.
Reduction of hyperacute rejection and protection of metabolism and function in hearts of human decay accelerating factor (hDAF)-expressing pigs.
Furthermore, no measurable activation of complement proteins that promote hyperacute rejection was observed.
In recent studies performed by the PPL and Pittsburgh teams and reported in Science, cells taken from one of these double-knockout pigs did not elicit the usual hyperacute rejection response when transplanted into mice.
Starzl Transplant Institute, organs and cells from these double knock-out pigs will be used in pivotal transplantation studies aimed at testing for elimination of hyperacute rejection and long term survival of these xenografts.
PPL says it plans to use cells which have had the gene involved in causing hyperacute rejection "knocked-out" to produce cloned pigs with organs more likely to be accepted by human recipients.
pylori, a second for treating and preventing respiratory infections, and a third for overcoming xenotransplant hyperacute rejection.
The gene that has been 'knocked-out', the alpha 1,3 galactosyl transferase (GT) gene is responsible for making an enzyme that adds a sugar to the surface of pig cells which is recognized by the human immune system as foreign, and which therefore triggers an immune response leading to hyperacute rejection by the human patient, of the transplanted organ or cell, within minutes.