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see diabetesdiabetes
or diabetes mellitus
, chronic disorder of glucose (sugar) metabolism caused by inadequate production or use of insulin, a hormone produced in specialized cells (beta cells in the islets of Langerhans) in the pancreas that allows the body to use and store
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increase in the sugar content of blood to over 120 milligram percent. Temporary hyperglycemia can occur in healthy individuals after intake of large quantities of sugar (so-called nutritional hyperglycemia), during intense pains, and during stress. Chronic hyperglycemia occurs in conjunction with diabetes mellitus, certain other endocrine diseases, deficiency of vitamins C and B1, febricity, hypoxia, and other conditions.


Excessive amounts of sugar in the blood.


(US), hyperglycemia
Pathol an abnormally large amount of sugar in the blood
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Moreover, recently it has been demonstrated that hyperinsulinemia inhibits fibrinolysis irrespective of glucose concentrations, whereas hyperglicemia stimulates coagulation irrespective of insulin concentrations (13).
The biochemistry values showed in the 5 cases a high concentration of serum alkaline phosphatase, tendency to the hypoglycemia, hyperglicemia (1 case) and hypercholesterolemia.