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a decrease in the oxygen content of the blood as a result of disruption of blood circulation, increased tissue requirements for oxygen (due to excessive muscular exertion, for example), decreased exchange of gases in the lungs when they are diseased, decreased hemoglobin content of the blood (for example, in anemias), and decreased partial pressure of oxygen in inhaled air (altitude sickness). The consequence of hypoxemia is hypoxia.

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Injured tissue begins to thicken with scarring, gas exchange worsens, and refractory hypoxemia becomes severe (Arbour, 2017; Gordon & Ennis, 2017; Mayo Clinic, 2017).
found that the pregnant women suffer from significant prolonged nocturnal hypoxemia (desaturation).
GBT intends to make no further investments in additional clinical studies in hypoxemia with GBT440 and intends to stop further enrollment in any ongoing studies.
When we began to monitor patients' breathing during sleep, we were truly surprised at the irregularity of breathing with severe hypoxemia with or without hypercapnia during sleep and that their blood gases worsened greatly compared to awake levels (Figs.
SDB is associated with hypoxemia, sleep fragmentation, and cerebral vascular disease, which may directly affect brain function, and adversely affect cognition, as well as may indirectly lead to cognitive impairment via impairments in attention and executive function due to sleepiness.
Cough, dyspnea, tachypnea, and hypoxemia signify sudden onset pulmonary symptoms.
Global Blood Therapeutics also said that it is conducting two Phase 2a clinical trials of GBT440 as a potential treatment for hypoxemia in two groups of hypoxemic IPF patients: those who become hypoxemic on exertion (GBT440-006) and those who are dependent on oxygen when resting (ZEPHYR).
Travel to high-altitude destinations above 2500masl for recreational motifs exposes several hundred thousands of non-acclimatized tourists to arterial hypoxemia and related medical risks.
Early surgical treatment of ASO can also eliminate hypoxemia and help improve the prognosis and brain development of infants with TGA.
When we must hospitalize an infant with bronchiolitis for hypoxemia, it creates a lot of stress for the family.
Several criteria for this condition were defined, characterizing it as being the consequence of hypoxemia and alveolus-capillary mechanical lesion owing to a prolonged lung collapse, occurring independently from the technique used for pleural emptying on either pleural effusion or pneumothorax (pleural suction, Heimlich valve, water stamp, or positive-pressure ventilation).