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As a first initiative beyond searches, Google Maps for Mobile is under discussion to become a standard pre-installed application on upcoming i-mode handsets to be launched in the near future.
More than 2,000, about 50%, of i-mode official sites had Flash content
Natsuno said i-Mode has brought the company $10 billion in basic revenue and $2 billion in content revenue.
Whether checking e-mail, downloading games or shopping, i-mode makes it a simple and rewarding process and the SLVR design ensures you look great too.
We are pleased to be selected by RealNetworks for deploying the RealArcade i-mode portal in the UK and Ireland.
DoCoMo will continue to work with international partners to introduce i-mode services in other markets worldwide.
The i-mode Global Profile is one profile in ACCESS' NetFront Mobile Client Suite.
i-mode Global deployments that feature ACCESS technology:
ACCESS has proven itself as the premier global provider of i-mode technology for mobile handsets," said Damian Charalambidis, COSMOTE Products, services and marketing general director.
Natsuno - who is reportedly well known as the founder of i-mode - uses the first chapter of the book to introduce the reader to i-mode and DoCoMo.
Software developer Borland Software Corp has released the Borland JBuilder Mobile Development for i-mode product for developers of i-mode applications.
Cosmote plans to launch its i-mode service across Greece and its other operations in Albania, Macedonia and Bulgaria in time for next year's Olympic Games in Athens.