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The I-Net Team assists or intervenes where possible, but staff members also have occasion to interact with outside services or vendors.
As acquisition of items gives way to license for access, it has become less clear whether negotiation and management of licenses is the responsibility of Printed Resources (acquisitions function) or the I-Net Team.
Contracts are negotiated and finalized by the manager of IN, but the I-Net Team is responsible for investigating details as well as for maintaining all connections, adapting to changes in service, and arranging with vendors for staff training.
com, I-NET Training Technologies has developed a custom curriculum named "I-NETSELLING.
I-NET Training Technologies' highly advanced product offerings includes I-NETDEPARTMENT.
The i-Net Management Suite includes the newly released ChoiceView Network Monitor -- a powerful, Java-based, platform-independent network management tool that lets users view performance statistics in real time on any web browser.
The i-Net Management Suite is a ground-breaking concept in network management," said Lana Vaysburd, vice president of engineering and product management at Digital Link.
DataDirect Technologies is seeking both preliminary and permanent injunctive relief to prevent i-net from engaging in further efforts to market and sell products which DataDirect Technologies believes were illegally reverse-engineered from its products.
With the addition of audio and application sharing in LearnLinc I-Net 2.
Because the audio automatically switches with the floor control, LearnLinc I-Net eliminates the confusion that results when many participants compete for attention in a voice-activated system.