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Tenders are invited for Purchase of PCC Interlocking Tiles I-Section 65mm thick Factory made polymer moulded, precast white cement concrete with crusher stone aggregate 8-1 Omm.
Anser Aziz was informed about the detail of 52 projects which were completed including providing of Road I-section / Road profiles of streets in Sector I-14/3, as per revised / latest layout plan of Planning Wing - Issuance of L-section of various streets Sector I-14 - Storm Drainage of Korang Road Margalla Town Phase I and II - Dualization of Service Road (East and North) Sector E-11 to Sector D-12 - Storm drainage system of Park Enclave, Block A, Phase - II - Storm drainage of Markaz I-16 - Storm drainage of Quaid-e-Azam University to Bara Kahu - Storm drainage of Link Road from Muree Road to Quid-e-Azam University - Storm drainage system for Dualization of SR East, E-11 Left and Right side - Storm drainage of Markaz D-12.
In order to evaluate differences of the main stresses of the real box section and the reduced I-section and considering that it is not possible to calculate the main stresses of asymmetrically loaded elements according to the codes, the reduced I-section (Fig.
The fourth of the larger exhibits, Balancing Act by Anton Garcia-Abril & Ensamble Studio, is an intersection of two giant I-section concrete beams, the upper pivoting on the base, supported by a quivering spring at one end and counterpoised at the other by a large rock.
Tenders are invited for Procurement of hollow section and i-section girders of various sizes as per nit specification.
A carefully shaped reinforced concrete upstand provides a plinth along the boundaries of the two sloping streets and the fence is formed from large panels of quarter inch thick sheet steel fixed back to standard steel I-section posts.
Tenders are invited for The Construction Of Schedule I-section 1-base Bid-pressure Sewer Collection System; Schedule Ii-base Bid-wastewater Treatment Facilities
Tenders are invited for Link I-Section As Per Rdso Drg No.
Project includes erection, setting-up, dismantling and disposal of 12 precast/prestressed concrete hollow core slabs for testing purposes and fabrication a steel I-section beam.