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Larry Best, President of International Artificial Lift, LLC, added : "The IAL team is delighted to join the Flotek family which will allow us to accelerate the commercialization of the next-generation of Hydra-Lift pumping systems and assist John Chisholm, David McMahon and the team in their expansion of the production technologies business.
Upon arriving at IAL, one of the first things Sparrow realised was the Kaspersky antivirus software it was using was too heavy on its PCs.
IAL says the main opportunities for UV acrylate systems will be in southeast Asia, rather than in the northern portion which has been a strong user of unsaturated polyesters in wood and opto-electronic coatings.
It is not a traditional research operation like the labs at IBM, which are more concerned with discovery than development: at IAL development comes first.
Turquoise Hill has advised Inova that, unless a superior proposal emerges, it intends to procure that IAL accept the Takeover Offer in respect of all of the other Inova shares held by IAL, but it does not intend to do so before IAL accepts the Takeover Offer in respect of the Sale Shares.
UNITED KINGDOM: IAL Consultants has published the first edition of its report outlining the West European market for essential oils.
According to McGeady, Bill Gates demanded in August 1995 that then-Intel CEO Andy Grove shut down the IAL, and in a meeting at which McGeady was present, Gates made vague threats about supporting other chip platforms.
The City Council voted 4-1 Tuesday to stretch out the amortization period from 10 to 15 years for park owner IAL Limited Partnership to recover the $58,868 for new asphalt roads, lowering the hike for renters.
The IAL offers a program that provides step-by-step instructions for users interested in pre-patent protection.
The system can also be combined with the new IAL gantry palletising system to remove the need for manual handling.
The owner, IAL Limited Partnership, won approval for the increase after the city held two public hearings on the matter.
IAL provides automation solutions for industry and has a long track record of providing innovative solutions to the food & drink industry.