IBM mainframes

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IBM mainframes

Following is the IBM mainframe evolution starting with the System/360 introduced in 1964. The IBM mainframe is the longest running computer family in history. Although current IBM mainframes are vastly superior in technology to the System/360, they are highly compatible with it. Programs written for the System/360 more than four decades ago may still run on the latest models with only minor modifications.

Year               ModelIntro. Model       Numbers System/360

 1964  System/360  2020 to 2195


 1970  System/370  3115 to 3168
 1977  System/370  3031, 3032, 3033
 1979  System/370  43xx
 1980  System/370  3081, 3083, 3084
 1981  XA/370      3081, 3083, 3084
 1986  XA/370      3090 series (120-600)
 1986  XA/370      9370 series
 1988  ESA/370     ES/3090 and ES/4381

       Model Numbers System/390(ESA/390 Environment)

 1990  ES/9000, 120 to 9X2
 1994  9672 Exx & Pxx, G1
 1994  9672 Rx1, G1
 1995  9672 Rx2,Rx3, G2
 1996  Multiprise 2000 (2003-xxx)
 1996  9672 Rx4, G3
 1997  9672 Rx5, G4
 1998  9672 Rx6-Yx6, G5
 1998  9672 Y56-YX6, G5 Turbo
 1999  9672 X17-XZ7, Z17-ZZ7, G6
 1999  7060-xxx Multiprise 3000, G5

       Model     Series System z(z/Architecture)

 2000   900      2064
 2002   800      2066
 2003   990      2084
 2005   z9 EC    2094
 2006   z9 BC    2096
 2008   z10 EC   2097
 2008   z10 BC   2098
 2010   z196     2817

An Earlier IBM Mainframe Installation
Even today, mainframes are hardly extinct. Organizations have billions of dollars invested in mainframe programming, and IBM has more than kept pace with advancements in semiconductor technology. (Image courtesy of IBM.)
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Linux-based applications were also about a half tof the roughly 1,000 new or updated applications produced for the IBM mainframe in 2008, he company said.
SSH Tectia Server for IBM mainframes provides true integration with critical IBM mainframe requirements, including the vital EBCDIC/ASCII translation and utilization of IBM mainframe hardware crypto facilities for optimum performance.
Detect and propagate mainframe events as they occur in real-time on the IBM mainframe platform with non-invasive, configurable event detection (Shadow z/Events)
This will give IBM mainframe customers more options when selecting a storage networking fabric for their unique environment," said Cindy Grossman, Director of Storage Marketing, IBM Systems Group.
At BEA eWorld 2002, BEA's seventh annual developer's conference going on this week in San Diego, BEA will be hosting a conference track that will provide attendees with the details and benefits associated with deploying BEA WebLogic-based applications on the IBM mainframe.
them to send high-speed and high-volume data from IBM mainframe computers to peripheral devices, such as printers and tape drives,
FDR/UPSTREAM which now includes S/390 Linux Rescuer for full system disaster recovery, as well as non-disruptive online database backup agents for S/390 Linux Oracle and DB2, is a high performance enterprise-wide solution for protecting corporate data distributed across a variety of open system platforms including Linux on IBM Mainframes.
As the leading provider of multi-platform connectivity products for IBM mainframes, Proginet recognizes the challenges that users face in attempting to implement truly global systems," said Joe Mohen, vice president of strategic planning at Proginet.
More than 70 percent of the information critical to business still resides on legacy systems like IBM mainframes, Unix servers, DEC VAX minicomputers, IBM AS/400 and others.
Linux on IBM mainframes allow many disparate systems to be combined under one platform, resulting in greater performance and easier operation," said Joann Duguid, director, Linux marketing zSeries.
No other platform middleware vendor, excluding IBM, expresses a similar level of commitment to IBM mainframes and can display a wider array of customers," according to Gartner Group, a leading international IT research firm.
The RSA ESCON Channel Card features a PCI card, compatible with Sun Solaris, used to replace Bus & Tag channel attached connections from IBM mainframes to production printers.