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ABOUT iD TECH CAMPS AND iD TEEN ACADEMIES iD Tech Camps and iD Teen Academies engage students ages 7-18 in STEM education with summer programs for kids and teens held at over 60 prestigious universities nationwide, including MIT, Stanford, Princeton, and others.
The Scratch courses at iD Tech Camps continue to be among the most popular with girls, engaging more female students in STEM each year.
In addition to Scratch, iD Tech Camps offers a variety of programming courses in Java and C++.
Ubisoft, the game's creator, collaborated with iD Tech Camps to implement the new course for kids ages 10-12.
Pete Ingram-Cauchi, President and CEO of iD Tech Camps, added, "the game's toned-down violence and superior structure made the game a perfect fit for an FPS course offering.
Providing experience with popular technology products while teaching skills that lead to potentially lucrative, high-demand jobs, iD Tech Camps is doing its part to fill future STEM careers.
Artisan Technology helped the team at iD Tech Camps rethink its business and establish the requirements for a unique set of systems to run its operations.
The custom software solution from Artisan Technology has not only allowed iD Tech Camps to become more efficient, it has opened additional streams of revenue.
iD Tech Camps Selects Safe Eyes 2006 for Its Nationwide Summer Program ~
It has been selected by the nation's largest summer computer program for kids, iD Tech Camps, for use at its campus locations across the U.