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RANKING DEL IEPG (20 PRIMERAS POSICIONES) 2012 Puesto Pais Iepg 1 Estados Unidos 1,012.
Segun los autores del trabajo, el IEPG busca sumarse a los esfuerzos por conceptualizar la globalizacion y contribuir a entender la capacidad que tienen los diferentes paises de moldear ese proceso a partir de su posicionamiento internacional en distintos ambitos.
The professors see themselves more as scientists of religion than as theologians and view the IEPG as a research institution where scientific methodology and rigor are extremely important and whose main objective is to prepare academics.
The postgraduate program in sciences of religion of UMESP and that of the IEPG of the Lutheran Seminary (EST) in Sao Leopoldo are the only Protestant postgraduate programs with accreditation in Brazil.
George Younger, the British defense minister who chairs the IEPG defense ministers group, has openly stated that the IEPG has "agreed to the continuing need to avoid protectionism in our pursuit of an open defense market, and to assure our friends in the US that we have no intention of becoming a protectionist market.
The strength of the IEPG brand validates the commitment of Dermdex to dermatologists.