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Under a new nine-year strategic sponsorship agreement, Comcast Cable and NBCUniversal have agreed to jointly host three IETF meetings in the next nine years.
IETF is extremely relevant to the economic future of our nation, which has entered the big league.
The three-day 19th edition of IETF, which concluded on Saturday in New Delhi, India was organised by the Confederation of Indian Industry under the theme "Green Productivity for Sustainable Energy and Environment.
It is particularly important for iFCP since it enables device discovery by an iFCP gateway, iSNS is now in the final stages of the IETF process, and ratification is expected soon.
The IETF standards process begins with someone expressing an interest and then moves to the creation of a working group of volunteers.
One astute observer at a recent IETF meeting invoked the well-known image of blind men describing the elephant, each describing only as much as he could touch.
The IETF gathers a large open community of network designers, engineers, operators, vendors, and researchers concerned with the evolution of the Internet architecture and the smooth operation of the Internet.
At the IETF technical plenary, participants agreed that the current situation of pervasive surveillance represents an attack on the Internet, said Stephen Farrell, one of the IETF s two Security Area Directors.
The IETF 2009 is a CII flagship international event which is scheduled to be held from February 23 to 26 in Bengaluru.
The naming service, which functions with all proposed IP storage protocols, including iSCSI and iFCP, has been submitted as a standards-track IETF draft document.
Noted Steve Hanna, co-chairman of the TCG TNC work group and of the IETF working group on this topic, "This industry-wide agreement on standards will increase the number of vendors and customers adopting standards-based network security.
The IETF is a large, open, international community comprising network designers, operators, vendors, and researchers.