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Internet appliance

(1) See Internet-connected appliance.

(2) An earlier computer specialized for Web browsing, email and other Internet services. Also called an "information appliance" or "Web appliance," such devices cost much less than desktop computers and were designed for ease of use. Today's Internet appliances are Chromebooks, although smartphones and tablets run a huge number of Internet-based apps as well. See Chromebook, email appliance, digital photo frame, digital photo frame, network appliance, server appliance, Internet TV, network computer and smartphone.

One of the First
In 2000, this Linux-based machine was dedicated to Web browsing. It had no hard disk, and files were stored on the Internet. (Image courtesy of The New Internet Computer Company)

The Ergo Audrey
The only product in 3Com's Ergo line, Audrey's functions were activated from buttons on the side. The touchscreen was tapped by finger or the clear, plastic stylus (holder on top of unit). Introduced in 2000, Audrey was dropped in 2001.

The "iLoo" Internet Toilet
In 2003, Microsoft's U.K. division announced a street-side, public toilet with access to the MSN network. There were also rumors of website ads on the toilet paper. Quickly shelved after the announcement, people thought Microsoft had lost its senses, but it was just a prank to advertise MSN. In England, a "loo" is a toilet.
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BEHR PRO ilOO paints are available in 500 off-whites and pastels from BEHR color palettes in addition to a wide range of color matching capabilities.
FUTA A DTCVT Dmuaa 44T o oor>M+iifo rln fm'tn o AviA/vci+nr/vc an ni iloo /4n primaria".
PLANS for the iLoo, the internet connected portable toilet have been scrapped by MSN UK.
along with many others, was taken in by the iLoo (last week's bobdotcom).
But on Tuesday Microsoft switched its story and said the iLoo had been a legitimate project by its British MSN internet service that was terminated after it prompted controversy, ridicule and disgust.
Gurry said the iLoo had been intended as part of a public relations campaign to promote the company's money-losing MSN service in unexpected places.
In an update of the old habit of taking the newspaper off to the loo so you can sit and think they've invented an iLOO where you can sit and surf.
Now, meet the world's first internet portaloo, otherwise known as the iLoo.
And just in case you're thinking the iLoo won't last a minute at festivals like Glastonbury, MSN has hired a round-the-clock security guard and a cleaner to keep it spick and span and prevent it being trashed.
TECHTOFAR TYPE in iloo to your net browser and you'll end up with links to the world's first internet-enabled portable toilet.