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A REXX interpreter for SunOS.

Current version 1.3

electrical metallic conduit (EMC)

Conduit, usually fabricated of steel, which encloses electrical wiring, thereby protecting the wiring from outside damage. The difference between electrical metallic conduit and electrical metallic tubing (EMT) is that conduit is heavy-walled and usually has threaded ends; in contrast, tubing is thinner and is not threaded. Between these two is an intermediate metallic conduit (IMC), which is 25 percent lighter and less costly than EMT; it may be threaded or threadless.


Abbr. for intermediate metallic conduit.

IMC (Instrument meteorological conditions)

The symbol used to designate instrument meteorological conditions. Meteorological conditions are expressed in terms of visibility, distance from clouds, and ceiling, less than the minimums specified for visual flight conditions.


(1) (Integrated Memory Controller) The circuit that handles input and output to the RAM chips. The IMC is built into the processor chip. See RAM.

(2) (Internet Mail Consortium, Santa Cruz, CA, An industry trade association founded in 1996 by Paul Hoffman and Dave Crocker that promotes Internet e-mail standards and features. One of the original anti-spam groups, some of the founding members were Microsoft, Netscape, Qualcomm and Sun. IMC maintains lists of e-mail features supported by its members as well as lists of RFCs of all Internet e-mail standards.
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E[acute accent]"The IE-MiniFiberLinX-II makes it easier than ever for network operators to deliver affordable, managed Ethernet services over fiber," said Jerry Roby, CEO of privately-held IMC Networks.
We have tailored it for IMC, SMC and RTM so far, so we can do all three mold-flow analyses.
Wider stresses that IMC acted with integrity, but has been financially damaged by the actions of both Peter Memoli and GreenPoint: "IMC paid off and honored its financial and legal obligation to GreenPoint while GreenPoint was accepting a double payment from two different borrowers, another act of fraud.
IMC Global also announced that in connection with the transaction, it will take a one-time, pre-tax restructuring charge approximating $14.
The Iscar Metalworking Companies is an industry leader in the metal cutting tools business through its Iscar, TaeguTec, Ingersoll and other IMC group companies.
Separately, IMC announced, effective immediately, the establishment of a structure which defines IMC-Agrico as a stand-alone entity operated by IMC.
Editor's Note: Steve Hoffman is senior vice president and an officer of IMC Global, Lake Forest.
Looking at the Berlin meetings of the IMC and IIF, the turmoil in global finance over the recent decades has left its mark.
IMC had no billing system in place when it started and few contracts.
The IMC general assembly also elected five new board members: Patricia Adkins Chiti (UK/Italy), Felipe de Leon (Philippines), Lupwishi Mbuyamba (Democratic Republic of Congo), Victor Sahab (Lebanon) and Beata Schanda (Hungary).
IMC supplies more than 500 state and local police, fire and sheriff departments across the nation with software to preserve and manage vital public safety data and resources .
N submitted receipts for expenses to IMC and it issued checks to N from the corporate checking account when it had available funds--roughly one check per month, ranging from $500 to $4,000.