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Lee, VA) operated the TPTs and IPDS pipeline pump stations when construction was completed (Figure 2).
The aluminum pipe used in the IPDS is highly reactive to changes in temperature.
The development of IPDS involves a shift in the traditional paradigm for packaging in which packaging becomes a more valuable information link throughout the entire product-delivery system.
Organizations now have a full breadth of solutions from which to choose when looking for a high-quality MICR printer for their IPDS environment.
The server converts IPDS into a format supported by any type of Windows print driver.
We talked to Intermate about joining the Alliant Advantage Program as an IPDS partner because the company stands alone as having developed an IPDS solution suitable for embedding in printer controllers, rather than in host-based systems," said Gordon Hanson, president of Alliant Software.
The software will allow the device to also print Advanced Function Print (AFP), which is a programming language that allows the design of forms and have it print through the IPDS page description language to a dedicated IPDS device.
In mixed environments, LCDS and IPDS datastreams can be converted concurrently.
to be stored on the hard disk of the server in both PCL (for SCS use) and IPDS formats.
Tenders are invited for Supply of LT Shackle Insulator for IPDS Scheme
With the additional IPDS feature installed, all AFP/IPDS functions will be supported, including downloading fonts, graphics, images, duplex and DBCS (Double Byte Character Set) fonts.