Internet Relay Chat

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Internet Relay Chat

(chat, messaging)
(IRC) /I-R-C/, occasionally /*rk/ A client-server chat system of large (often worldwide) networks. IRC is structured as networks of Internet servers, each accepting connections from client programs, one per user.

The IRC community and the Usenet and MUD communities overlap to some extent, including both hackers and regular folks who have discovered the wonders of computer networks. Some Usenet jargon has been adopted on IRC, as have some conventions such as emoticons. There is also a vigorous native jargon (see the entry for "chat").

The largest and first IRC network is EFNet, with a smaller breakaway network called the Undernet having existed since 1992, and dozens of other networks having appeared (and sometimes disappeared) since.

See also nick, bot, op.

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Alex Mauser, from the Midlands Innovation Relay Centre, said: "Since its creation in 1995 the IRC network has helped companies and research centres promote and access new technologies related to a wide range of sectors.
The IRC network is accessible using free or low cost, easy-to-use software.
A client program is simply software that requests access to another computer, here the IRC networks.
This report serves to provide Policymakers with data to support expanding our manufacturing base as one of the fastest ways for economic recovery and accelerated job growth," according to Barry Miller, IRC Network president.
Catalyst Connection is the IRC Network office in southwestern Pennsylvania.
The event drew over 12,000 participants, roughly 32% of available capacity of the provisioned IRC network using the GMV ConferenceServer(TM) JavaChat Client.