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NGO activities, for instance, did not generally privilege agricultural activities, such as those initially prioritized by the IRDP credit program for women--chicken raising, cow rearing, and kitchen gardens, but instead promoted loans for petty commodity production.
The Program was the prototype for the IRDP and subsequently generalized internationally with World Bank support.
More seriously, other evidence points to the "capture" of the Gram Panchayats by a few influential persons, resulting in large-scale diversion of JRY and IRDP funds.
36) The JRY is a rural public works program while the IRDP is a credit subsidy program.
A life insurance scheme was also introduced for earning members in agricultural labor households with a benefit of Rs 1,000 and, for IRDP beneficiaries, with a benefit of Rs3,000.
79) Note that village Panchayats have overall responsibility for the JRY but a limited one for the IRDP (i.
The compliance with the wishes of the chairperson is usually related to economic reciprocity--as agricultural laborers on the land of the chairperson, or as recipients of IRDP loans or of houses built under government programs, they are obliged.
The IRDP in India was remodelled in 1979 in the light of the antyodaya experiment of Rajasthan.
The IRDP experience in India has several interesting features.
The IRDP in Bangladesh is focused on the development of village infrastructure for agricultural development, based on a rural works programme within the existing two-tier system of cooperatives in the Thanas.
The rural-works programme in Pakistan was part of the IRDP in the early 1970s, but it was abandoned in the late 1970s.
Using data from IRDP (1973-74) and PIDE (1981-82) surveys, they have been able to conclude that the traditional inverse relationship between farm size and productivity still existed in Pakistan and that the rate of growth of productivity in the Seventies was somewhat more pronounced in the case of small farms than in that of the large farms.