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Still the poor people were happy to have received the IRDP loan because for them it is a ray of hope in the darkness of their poverty.
The common weaknesses of IRDP was inability to address the real needs of landless poor and communities with small land holdings as major focus was given to large land holders.
While the goals of the IRDP were modest and met the interests of only a segment of the rural population, its national reach contributed to expanding women's visibility outside the para (neighborhood), and increasingly, to women working or traveling in the company of men.
Lack of transparency and political intervention were another causes of the failure of the IRDP in the past.
centrally sponsored schemes such as the IRDP and JRY) remain largely within the control of official agencies (e.
72) Recently, the central government introduced a group insurance scheme for agricultural laborers and IRDP beneficiaries.
Quotation are invited for Repairs and painting of IRDP footpath at GPO to Ledies club sq.
80 to food crops Average quantities of food retained by households Bags of maize 4 7 11 Finger millet (kg) 13 17 18 Beans (kg) 106 279 420 Source: IRDP (Serenje, Mpika, Chinsali), reproduced in Moore & Vaughan 1987 Table 2.
Number of socio-economic and welfare strategic program likes, IRDP (Integrated Rural Development Programmes, one of the Government schemes envisaged to create public amenities and income generating activities for people), DRDA (District Rural Development Authority that is responsible to implement to government welfare schemes), self-employment schemes etc.
State share for IRDP was 50 per cent, but was reduced to 25 per cent in 1997-1998.
The IRDP officials did not cooperate with each other in planning and organising the development programmes.
In spite of the massive assistance extended to the rural poor under Integrated Rural Development Programme (IRDP),--an antipoverty programme implemented by the Government of India during 80's and 90's--several evaluation studies on IRDP revealed that less than 20 percent beneficiaries could actually crossed the poverty line due to various shortcomings in the planning as well as implementation of the programme.