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The IRSG reported that between 2011 and 2014, China saw an additional 57 million vehicles on its roads.
That is, not only is there a relative shift from the production of NIRSG to IRSG in the boom, but the total of resources, including, importantly, labor, and thus total production of goods increases.
The IRSG reported the main source of the sharp deceleration in world rubber consumption is China, which suffered from a deceleration of absolute 14.
The IRSG said the marginal growth, despite the acceleration in the third quarter over the second quarter, is reflective of the quarter on quarter acceleration in Chinese imports demand.
Prices on the physical markets followed the trend of the futures markets, the IRSG reported
World SR production continued to increase, but at a decelerating rate in the fourth quarter of 2013, closely tracking the movements of its consumption dynamics, the IRSG said.
6% decrease in 2013's fourth quarter is not a wholly accurate reflection of the health of the rubber industry of the region, the IRSG reported.
Said to be the biggest gathering of business and policy makers for the rubber industry, the meeting is a timely opportunity to examine how leaders at the helm of the global tire and rubber industries are confronting transformative political and economic challenges that shape the growth of the global rubber economy, according to the IRSG.
The deceleration appears to have been a consequence of the industry adjusting to two successive quarters of accelerated growth in the first half of 2013, the IRSG said.
The IRSG said the rate of expansion decelerated in the second quarter, slowing down to 3.
The IRSG said that the NR market is likely to remain volatile.
The IRSG figures show that world total demand for natural rubber decreased by 1.