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This man had no strength nor stay in him, but he was a great hulking fellow to look at; his real name, the one his mother gave him, was Arnaeus, but the young men of the place called him Irus, {148} because he used to run errands for any one who would send him.
The stranger and Irus have quarreled and are going to fight, let us set them on to do so at once.
You must swear, however that none of you will give me a foul blow to favour Irus and secure him the victory.
The suitors were beyond measure astonished, and one would turn towards his neighbour saying, "The stranger has brought such a thigh out of his old rags that there will soon be nothing left of Irus.
This frightened Irus still more, but they brought him into the middle of the court, and the two men raised their hands to fight.
After all, however, this fight between Irus and the stranger did not turn out as the suitors meant it to do, for the stranger got the best of it.
You seem to have lost your wits because you beat the tramp Irus.
The leaked document claims that 22 of the emergency vehicles across the country will be axed since 43 IRUs are sufficient enough "to meet the scale of event identified within the national resilience planning assumptions".
By paying for the IRUs now, we lock in the fiber and maintenance costs, ultimately reducing our overall operating costs.
KEY WORDS: tellinid, Heteromacoma irus, annual gametogenesis, histology, condition index, Jeju, Korea
The Irus Group, which serves as a primary contractor on the SeaPort-e Contract is a business intelligence and corporate performance management solution provider to government agencies and commercial entities.
Irus Group has been offering a complete suite of Planning and Budgeting, Business Intelligence (BI), Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) services to the Navy and other Defense agencies for the past decade, many in support of this contract.