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(Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting) The Japanese mobile TV and digital radio standard. Replacing the earlier analog HDTV system (see Hi-Vision) and based on MPEG-2, ISDB transmits 50 channels (13 through 62) in the UHF bands from 470 to 770 MHz. Following are the various ISDB flavors. Brazil adopted ISDB-T for the Latin and South American markets (see SBTVD). The 1 seg standard means "one segment" out of the 13 ISDB-T segments is used for TV on smartphones. See mobile TV.

Type       Purpose

  ISDB-T     Terrestrial TV

  ISDB-Tsb   Terrestrial audio
              (sb=sound broadcast)

  ISDB-S     Satellite TV

  ISDB-C     Cable TV

  1 seg      Mobile phones

  ISDB-Tb    Brazilian version
             (see  SBTVD).
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Oregan Networks added that the Latin American version of Oregan Media Browser provides: adaptive bitrate Internet streaming capability; a broadcast receiver module, supporting ISDB-T International, also known as SBTVD, for either Free-To-Air (FTA) or Conditional Access System (CAS) protected broadcast video; TR-069 and TR-135 module, enabling bidirectional monitoring and control of the Set Top Box, providing essential QoS information related to the performance of the STB as well as monitoring WAN, LAN and Broadcast network status; home media networking functions, enabling DLNA 1.