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the new facilities will provide the ISF servicemen with better skills," Basbous said during a speech inaugurating the Tactical Training Village.
4B under the ISF Borders instrument to improve the surveillance and control of its borders plus some EUR 32M under the ISF Police instrument to boost security of consular services for issuing visas and improve verification of personal data of travellers crossing its borders.
Mena Khan added that 15,000 workers from Malakand Region, 10,000 workers from south region, 20,000 workers from Peshawar region and 30,000 cheetas of ISF from Hazara Region will participate in the Azadi March.
Addressing the ceremony, provincial president, ISF, Sohail Afridi said that they are fully aware of the difficulties of the displaced persons from North Waziristan.
ISF support to UNMIT is an excellent example of Australian forces working alongside regional partners in support of UN efforts to build peace and stability.
The two awards were presented by the Global Investor magazine for the third consecutive year at the Global Investor/ ISF Middle East Summit and Awards 2012 in Doha.
This came in a speech by Prince Nawaf bin Faisal bin Fahd bin Abdulaziz, who is also chairman of ISF, during the 18th session of the Islamic organization.
Alamgir Khan said that youth was the main force behind Imran Khan's tsunami that's why chairman Imran Khan had given membership drive to ISF and dissolved all party across Pakistan, except ISF.
With 250 entrants across nine categories, Platform ISF was selected for its merits in innovation, value, performance, reliability and ease of use.
AN NAHAR said that two incidents took place on Thursday during which the ISF were attacked.
An additional key task was to gain access to and exploit force protection sites such as explosively formed penetrators (EFPs), IEDs and indirect fire, which are not always embraced as a problem set by our ISF partners.
Yet, in parallel with the crackdown on the Israeli spy networks, the ISF and its Intelligence Branch have recently been the target of sustained attacks by some factions in the Syrian-backed Hizbullah-led March 8 alliance.