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Member companies who participate in these events also contribute and design all testing suites, standardized acceptance parameters, organize and structure each interoperability event, organize face-to-face and conference call events, provide feedback for improvements to national and international standardization bodies like ITU-T and 3GPP, and discuss implementation issues with other members on an informal and formal basis.
The ITU promotes open standards to ensure continued interoperability and is planning a public G-PON Interop Showcase at ITU TELECOM WORLD 2006 this December in Hong Kong," said Dave Faulkner, BT, Rapporteur, ITU-T Q2/15.
BroadLight delivers the industry's only end-to-end solution (from the customer premises to the central office) for equipment vendors designing ITU-T compliant passive optical network (PON) systems.
Istvan Sebestyen, President of the IMTC, Vice Chair of ITU-T Study Group (SG) 16 and Director of Standards for Siemens AG summarized this year's focus, "From the subject, presentations and discussions point of view, this Spring Forum was one of the best in IMTC's history.
CTOs recognized the need to expand access to high-quality, bi-directional services and invited ITU-T to encourage the standardization, testing and interoperability necessary to stimulate the rollout of these services in fields such as voice and video.
I am delighted to welcome SAP to the ITU-T, said Malcolm Johnson, director of ITU s Telecommunication Standardization Bureau.
I am delighted to welcome SAP to the ITU-T," said Malcolm Johnson, director of ITU's Telecommunication Standardization Bureau.
Additionally experts have agreed on a standardised methodology for manufacturers to report the quantity of rare metals contained in their ICT devices (Recommendation ITU-T 1101) something that will increase the efficiency of recycling schemes.
Once ITU-T has agreed on this standard, the next logical step is the development of a strict Compliance and Interoperability (C&I) Program to ensure that all G.
Current state of the art mobile phones will be tested in conjunction with hands-free terminals according to chapter 12 of ITU-T P.
hn standardization efforts for next-generation home networking, today announced that ITU-T has successfully Consented the PHY and architecture portions of the ITU-T G.
In addition, members have called for the establishment of a Review Committee to ensure that ITU-T s structure continues to meet the needs of the continually evolving and convergent ICT landscape, particularly as collaboration with vertical markets increases.