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The lowest grade of mental deficiency; the individual's mental age is less than 3 years.



a severe degree of mental retardation—oligophrenia. Speech is usually undeveloped and inarticulate, the movements are awkward and poorly differentiated. Desires are elementary and remain unchecked. In some cases idiocy is characterized by motor and general disinhibition; in others the patients are sluggish and inactive. Reaction to the surroundings is absent (the surroundings attract no attention). Training for habits of personal care and behavior is severely limited; education, even in auxiliary specialized institutions, is virtually unworkable. Treatment has been developed for some forms of idiocy (glutamic acid, sedatives and neuroleptic agents, diets, and surgery). A major role is played by therapeutic pedagogy—systematic training for customary, elementary habits of behavior, personal care, and ordering of reactions.

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cc/DGZ8 -TYTT]-phis misalignment of interpretive modality and death penalty support may have contributed to the legal community's longstanding neglect of idiocy protections.
Scheerenberger's account brings to mind several problems that obscure the meaning of idiocy in colonial America.
The blade shines, a sinister sparkling stainless steel The blade an instrument of surgical precision The blade cold not calculated, yet there's a callous certitude The blade a crazed concept of youthful exuberance The blade a fashion accessory, a predacious pre-requisite The blade placed in a sheath of aimless idiocy The blade anemblem of anguish & death The blade cuts deeper than the human flesh The blade available on eBay for a decent price Unfortunately the price of the blade: is life
Huddersfield has lost much more than its fair share of grand buildings and heritage thanks to previous council idiocy but this one takes the biscuit.
I CANNOT understand the absolute idiocy of the road cleaning department of Newcastle City Council who, on Bank Holiday Sunday, sent one of their drivers in a buggy with brushes to clean The Wynd and adjacent streets in Gosforth.
It wasn't their giggling teenage idiocy that bothered me, or the casual petty theft involved.
Of course, the damage has been done and Trundle will have to live with the consequences of his idiocy.
Partisans of Left and Right--and indeed the Center--will find many of their assumptions challenged," he says of his look at the "application of Counter-Enlightenment idiocy in .
What can be said about this audio idiocy other than that big media has rather conservative musical taste?
Common Sense, a "nuts-and-bolts guy" telling it "straight" with no spin, but strip off the thin veneer of gruff frankness that gives the semblance of logic and you have wrongheaded idiocy.
Hence the idiocy of the system which separated the track from the trains and then fines the track operator (now you and me, the taxpayer) when things go wrong.
They were immediately surrounded by soldiers carrying machine guns, and for this piece of idiocy Father Dear was sent to jail for eight months.