Born Sept. 21, 1921, in Padang. Indonesian author. Member of the Group of 1945; pioneer of realism in contemporary Indonesian prose.

In 1949, Idrus directed the literary journal Indonesia. His works of the early 1940’s bear a romantic character, as in Ave Maria, The Suromo Family, and Doctor Bisma (some of these works were collected in From “Ave Maria” to “The Other Way to Rome,” 1948). Idrus’ innovation became apparent in his es-sayistic short stories Sketches in the Underground, which tell about the life and aspirations of common people during the Japanese occupation. These sketches are realistic and extremely simple stylistically. Russian literature has influenced Idrus’ creative work. Psychologism and indifference to politics are characteristic of his later works: Surabaja (1947), Woman and Nation (1949), and Aki (1950). In the early 1960’s, Idrus emigrated to Malaysia, where he published a collection of psychological stories With an Open View (1961) and the novella The Depth of the Human Heart (1963). Since 1966, he has lived in Australia. Idrus translated stories by A. P. Chekhov and the novella Armored Train No. 14–69 by Vs. Ivanov.


In Russian translation: [“Rasskazy.”] In the collection Pri lunnom svete. Moscow, 1970.


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That support was confirmed in a 6 June 2016 formal recommendation letter issued in the name of the party's central board and signed by its general chairperson, Setya Novanto, and party secretary Idrus Marham, and witnessed by Nurdin Halid, the ketua harian (chair for daily affairs).
Risomokolo is a passive item in the Bugis language that has somokolo (cognate with the Dutch item smokkelen or "smuggle") as its root (see also Idrus 2008).
One ethnographic study, by Nurul Ilmi Idrus and Anita Hardon, is on the generation of biocapital by cis and trans male and female sex workers through the use of dubious cosmetic products and addictive substances.
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Further, previous studies Nazirah (2010), Waris, Liew, Khamidi and Idrus (2014) related to environmental practices also have chosen Grade 7 construction companies as their target sample, therefore it seems appropriate to apply Grade 7 construction companies as the target sample for this study.
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A cross sectional study conducted by Idrus in 146 patients found that both serum ICAM and serum VCAM levels were significantly raised in patients of coronary heart disease.
The suspects were identified only as Wahab Idrus and a Kuyong.
Anthropologist Idrus studies gender relations in an ethnic group on the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia to expand her earlier study of domestic violence among the Bugis.