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The plane, operated by the Krasnoyarsk-based Katekavia airline, was flying from the regional capital Krasnoyarsk to Igarka, she added.
Antonov As Russian investigators embark on the inquiry into the Katekavia Antonov An-24 that crashed on landing at Igarka on 2 August, the country's Interstate Aviation Committee has received the flight recorders of the Pamir Airways An-24 that came down on 17 May in Afghanistan, between Kunduz and Kabul.
The plane was flying from Krasnoyarsk to Igarka and crashed 700 meters from the runway as it came in to land .
The aircraft owned by KATEKAVIA airlines was en route from Krasnoyarsk to Igarka and had 11 passengers, including one child and four crew members onboard.
Ministry spokeswoman Irina Andryanova says the Antonov-24 twin turboprop plane went down on approach to the airport in the town of Igarka.
Open Competition: Supply of aviation kerosene TS-1 for the needs of the airport Igarka
Antonov An Antonov An-24 turboprop operated by Russian regional carrier Katekavia has crashed near the northern Siberian town of Igarka.
8 bn) in Vankor, some 150 km west of the river port city of Igarka, with production to start in late August 2008.