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, Ger. Iglau, city (1991 pop. 51,831), central Czech Republic, in Moravia, on the Jihlava River. Jihlava is a railway junction and has industries manufacturing linen and woolen cloth, precision instruments, and tobacco.
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, Czech Republic.
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Bernhard became an important member of the Jewish community in Iglau and was elected chairman of the Education Board.
It is said that he declined to become Kapellmeister in Iglau '"because of my family," implying that he would not publicly desecrate the Shabbos in his parents' town, (8) but their death released him from his last formal obligation to Judaism.
Visser himself seems to have been the source of much confusion about his origins, saying sometimes that he was from Brno, at other times from Graz, still others from Telc or Iglau.
Sommer was born in Iglau and hence belongs to the generation of German-speaking authors from Moravia, which produced Ernst Weiss, Oskar Jellinek, Louis Furnberg, Elisabeth Janstein, and Ludwig Winder, of whom the latter two were also to end their days in exile in England.