Ignatius of Antioch, Saint

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Ignatius of Antioch, Saint

(ĭgnā`shəs, ăn`tēŏk), d. c.107, bishop of Antioch and Christian martyr, called Theophorus [Gr.,= God-bearer]. He was probably a convert and a disciple of St. John the Evangelist. On his way to Rome to be martyred by the wild beasts of the amphitheater, he wrote the important letters to the churches in Rome and in Asia Minor, and to St. PolycarpPolycarp, Saint
, c.A.D. 70–A.D. 156?, Greek bishop of Smyrna, Father of the Church. He was a disciple of St. John, who appointed him bishop. Thus he linked the apostles and such 2d-century Christian expositors as St. Irenaeus. St. Polycarp was a close friend of St.
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. The seven epistles are an invaluable testimony to the beliefs and internal organization of the early Christians. St. Ignatius is the first writer to stress the virgin birth. He firmly denounced DocetismDocetism
[Gr.,=to appear], early heretical trend in Christian thought. Docetists claimed that Christ was a mere phantasm who only seemed to live and suffer. A similar tendency to deny Jesus' humanity appeared in the teachings of Simon Magus, Marcion, Gnosticism, and certain
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 and viewed the mystery of the Trinity as an assumed doctrine of faith. The only guarantee against heresy, he taught, is the church united under a bishop. St. Ignatius is the first in Christian literature to use the word Catholic. Feast: Feb. 1.


See J. A. Kleist, tr., The Epistles of St. Clement of Rome and St. Ignatius of Antioch (1946), V. Corwin, Saint Ignatius and Christianity in Antioch (1960).

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In the Colosseum built with the booty, if not with the actual stones, of the Temple, early Christians were sacrificed by the pagan Romans and killed by wild animals; notable here was Ignatius of Antioch, in about 105 A.
Much of the empirical and critical work has been done by the many scholars who have studied this era, and, in particular, the writings of 1 Clement and Ignatius of Antioch.
Two accessible books, both titled Ignatius of Antioch, are those of R.
It analyzes the letter from the Roman church known as 1 Clement, the Didache, the epistles of Ignatius of Antioch and of Polycarp, the Epistle of Barnabas, and the so-called 2 Clement.
That the office or sacred function of the "overseer" (episkopus/bishop) had emerged as distinct from that of the "elders" (presbyter/priest) and of the "ministers" (deakonos/deacon) is more than abundantly clear in the writings of Ignatius of Antioch very early in the second century.
It is, in the Words of Saint Ignatius of Antioch, "a medicine of immortality, an antidote to death.
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FEAST DAY OF ST IGNATIUS OF ANTIOCH inquiry that was had in his was 1860: The first professional golf tournament was held at Prestwick, Scotland, and won by Willie Park.