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a river in the Mari ASSR, partially along the border with the Tatar ASSR; left tributary of the Volga (empties into the Kuibyshev Reservoir). Length, 204 km; basin area, 6,450 sq km. The upper Ilet’ has low-lying shores; toward the mouth the shores become higher, but in many places there are swamps. The river is fed primarily by melted snow. The river freezes in mid November and thaws in mid-April. The Ilet’ is used for floating timber and is navigable in its lower reaches.

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Tiempo despues todas las intervenciones del seminario serian compiladas por Casullo (1985), bajo el sugestivo titulo de Comunicacion: La Democracia Dificil, y editadas por Folios Ediciones y el ILET, en Buenos Aires.
In the residence Ilet du Centre, a buffer zone is created with a double skin made of strips of wood and a planted area that creates protection from the heat on the street outside.
No one is denying them the right to form a family, so the man from (Arab-Israeli town) Um al-Fahm can go live with the woman in Jenin, I ask myself: this is a de facto enemy state; must Ilet them into Israeli areas?
01; talk about how the body feels before having to use the to ilet, [X.
although "systematic micro-regional surveys" of the Aisne valley suggests that settlement density was actually much higher than previously thought (Demoule and Ilet 1985:203).
FMS Initial Support Tracker (FIST) - The NAVAIR/NAVSUP ILET developed the FIST tracking system to track spares, publications, and support equipment from identification to initial operating capability (IOC).
The young woman was so terrified during her flight, she didn't eat or drink a single thing and daren't even leave her seat to go to the to ilet.
1) For examples of the statist-ideological explanation in the Chilean case, see Alejandro Foxley, Latin American Experiments in Neoconservative Economics (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1983); Guillermo Campero, Los gremios empresariales en el periodo 1970-1983 (Business associations between 1970 and 1983) (Santiago: ILET, 1984).
ILet me offer you a gentle profile of our team - three men who had arrived at the same college on the same day, at the same moment, in October 1959 and a London schoolmistress who was there on most weekends in those early days.
W ilet 'evening' ~ M ilat, E coksne; W jomla 'small, little' ~ M jom(b)la, E viska; W kaschmarasch 'lynx' ~ M kasmere s, E virkatka; W kelas fox ~ M kelas, E rives; W ozu big ~ M ocu, E ine; W schumbas 'rabbit' ~ M sumbas, E numolo; W trax 'cow' ~ M traks, E skal; W vidreu 'bat' ~ M vandrav, E kednemilav.